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Halal Foods in Canada

Thanks to our previous installments, we now know that meats must be slaughtered in a specific manner to be permissible in Islam (to be Halal), and that pork and alcohol products are always forbidden. However, did you know that these Halal & Haram rules apply to the entire food industry? Because Canada is a predominantly …… [Read More]

What is Halal Meat?

Not too long ago, we introduced to you Halal. Today, let’s go into greater detail about halal meat. While pork is strictly off-limits, did you know the method of slaughtering the animal can make your beef, chicken or even lamb haram (forbidden)? That’s right! In Islam, meat is only considered halal if it is slaughtered …… [Read More]

What is Halal?

One of the most commonly used terms in Islam, Halal is an important reference for millions of Muslims around the world. You might have heard Muslim friends use the term – or you might even be Muslim yourself but unsure what it means. So, what exactly is Halal? To the surprise of many, Halal does …… [Read More]