What is Halal?

One of the most commonly used terms in Islam, Halal is an important reference for millions of Muslims around the world. You might have heard Muslim friends use the term – or you might even be Muslim yourself but unsure what it means. So, what exactly is Halal?

To the surprise of many, Halal does not simply mean “pork-free” or “alcohol-free”.  Halal is the Arabic term for the word permissible. In fact, Halal is one of five terms used on a scale of moral judgement of human actions and objects.

Moral Judgement in Islam

  • Fard (mandatory)
  • Mustahabb (Recommended)
  • Halal (Allowed)
  • Makruh (Disliked)
  • Haram (Forbidden)

Due to the vague nature of the term, a lot of confusion arises as to what his Halal and what is Haram. While labels on food packaging can help distinguish between the two, non-food industries have a harder time showing their practices are in line with Islamic rules.

Stay tuned to our Zhaboom Blog for the next installment of our Three-Part Series that will help you distinguish between Halal and Haram, and teach you about the importance of Halal Slaughter, Halal Meat and an insider look into the Halal Food Industry.