Monthly Archives: September 2013

HijabFest Explores Muslim Fashion

The word hijab can be defined as a veil or a scarf that mainly Muslim women use to cover their heads, but it can have a much broader meaning which is to have modesty in how one dresses, behaves and interacts. Approximately 400 Muslim women of all ages and diverse ethnic backgrounds participated in this …… [Read More]

A New Directory Site Designed with Muslims in Mind

Every day, around the world, millions of Muslims share their thoughts, discover together and interact with each other. Zhaboom is proud to bring this defining experience online with the launch of their new website – an online directory designed with Muslims in mind. Zhaboom promotes three opinion driven activities, to “Like, Review, [and] Share”. …… [Read More]

Social media strategy: Chefs and restaurants

To be truly social, you need to get all departments involved in your social media strategy In conversations with fellow industry professionals, I often get asked questions like: “How do I get my hotel’s social media platforms more engaged?” My answer is usually the same: You get engagement by being social and involving all your …… [Read More]