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Toronto, ON

I have been training with Shaz for the past 2 years. Prior to meeting Shaz; I was unmotivated and shy to go to the gym and work out in front of others who looked fit. It was intimidating. Moreover; I feel that from my experience the fitness world is dominated by male trainers and it is hard to find a female trainer who will view your goals as their own and encourage you throughout your entire fitness regime.

One of the main factors that drew me to Shaz was her perception of physical and mental health and what fitness essentially entailed. I was always under the impression that being fit meant having dietary restrictions and working out on a daily basis. She taught me that it involved so much more than just your physical appearance. It was about being confident with whom you are as a person first and about loving your self and body.
I signed up for a trial with Shaz of where I trained with her three times a week and followed a diet plan. I saw amazing results within my first month of training with her of where I had lost up to 12 pounds. It wasn't about just losing weight but it was about me feeling more confident under my skin. I was ready to sign my one year contract with Shaz and right before I did; I found out I had conceived!

Growing up; I was taught the notion that once a woman conceived; you'd have to careful for the first trimester. You cannot engage in any kind of heavy lifting and pretty much have to be cautious as to avoid having a miscarriage. I was pretty much in a dilemma because my husband and I had been trying to conceive for few months and now that I finally got pregnant; did this mean I had to give up my fitness goals? I of course brought this news to Shaz and she guided me and advised that since I started working out before I got pregnant it was fine for me to continue training with her throughout my pregnancy. Had I not made that decision that day; I do not think I would have delivered my son within 30 minutes of when I started to "push". Shaz helped me by giving me the tools to grow and has vast knowledge of her profession. I trained with Shaz throughout my entire pregnancy and she was cautious and modified our exercise routines when the circumstances arose and always made our sessions challenging and fun. From being able to continue my sessions with Shaz; I had gained 28 pounds throughout my entire pregnancy. She helped me to maintain a good level of fitness and boosted that pregnancy glow. I am so glad thar I made the decision to train with Shaz throughout my pregnancy because bouncing back to the fitness world postpartum was more smoother yet was not an easy task since I had a newborn to look after now.

I resumed training 2 months postpartum and it was difficult. My body had just delivered a baby and I was hard on myself. Instead of pounding me to work out harder; Shaz was very patient and encouraging. She did not make me feel intimidated. Instead, she would remind me that my body had just gone through trauma and I should be appreciative since I went on to delivering a miracle.
As time progressed; my fitness has increased noticeably and I've seen improvements in my ability to complete more core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights and generally push myself harder throughout each session. There are times that I wake up in the morning and feel like calling in sick but when I see Shaz I feel better at the end of my workouts and look forward to the day. Shaz always motivates me and says there are always good and bad days in the world of fitness, but what matters is that it is better to have a bad workout day than not working out at all.
Being a mom and maintaining a good level of Fitness is hard because it requires consistency. Things always come up when you're a mother and not every trainer understands that. Shaz is also a mom and she understands what every mom goes through and I can easily relate to her which makes my workout sessions more comforting yet also entertaining.
I still have a long way to go in order to achieve my level of fitness and yes it is an investment but totally an investment that's worth it especially if you have a trainer like Shaz.
I recently renewed my second year contract with Shaz and I still look forward to our workout sessions till this day. I find that personal one-on-one training is better since you have someone that will help you to improve your Technique and form and in order to achieve results faster technique and form is essential. if you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable; understanding and passionate about Fitness, Shaz is definitely the trainer I would recommend.

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Toronto, ON

Shaz is the best! She has helped me a lot in my life. I consider her my personal trainer, my life coach and my therapist and here is why.
Before training with shaz I was very hesitant to get a personal trainer. I am on the heavy side and very shy. I suffer from social anxiety. Even though I knew I needed to lose weight I did not feel comfortable exercising in a gym. I decided one day to see if there were any South Asian personal trainers. I wasn't expecting to find anyone, but I just wanted to try because I wanted to lose weigh and not lose my culture. To my surprise I stumbled across Shazia. I was very insecure about myself which is why I didn't wanted anyone to know I was getting a personal trainer. I forced myself to get in shape because enough was enough. My health became the most important aspect of my life.

Long story short, training with Shazia is the best decision I have ever made. Shazia gave me my confidence back. She got me in shape, I feel amazing, I have no more doubts about myself and here I am proudly letting the world know that I have a personal trainer/life coach that is a huge plus in my life. I always wonder how my life would have been if I would not have met Shaz and I didn't regain my confidence and take control of my health. She is the best. She goes over and beyond to help her clients, because that is what she loves to do, help people. I truly thank you Shazia and I recommend you to everybody. I will continue with you no doubt!

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Toronto, ON

Assalamualaikum! Shazia is more than a personal trainer. She loves what she does and it shows! As a Muslim woman she understands the challenges muslim life may have on a training regimen. With Shazia there is no gimmicks, just passion to help people live healthier lives, backed with years of experience and education. To all my muslim brothers and sisters, if your looking to get in shape, and you want to appreciate and respect the life you were given and the organic vessel that contains your spirit, then i definitely recommend you work with shazia!

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Toronto, ON

I have been working with Shazia for the past few years. There is a whole lot I can say about Shazia. She has an amazing soul. Her kind and humble spirit is genuine. She is wise, mature and extremely knowledgeable.

Working with Shazia one can almost immediately recognize she is not your run of the mill personal trainer. I can't even call her a personal trainer, because her talents far exceed counting reps and using anatomical words to describe fancy movements that have no real effect on any one person's personal fitness goals. Shazia destroys every negative stereotype of a personal trainer.

Most refreshing, is that she does not have an ego. She does not make people feel she is better than them. You will never feel ashamed, humiliated or disrespected in her presence. Instead, she will enable you to feel confident, strong and healthy. Her aura is uplifting. She makes people feel good about themselves. She brims with positivity. You will never find her rambling on and on about her fitness achievements, her physique etc, etc.

She is very modest about her physique. You will never catch her posing in the studio mirrors while training her clients. She does not respond to texts and phone calls while training her clients. Her eyes are on you. She is client focused. Results oriented.She understands the physiology of the body, bio-mechanics, posture, muscle building, fat loss, nutrition, sports psychology, popular culture and body image.

Her programs are designed specific to your body and your fitness goals and she explains what you are doing, why you are doing it and how its going to get you to your personal fitness goals. You will never hear of Shazia's clients getting injured or doing anything that would be a risk to their health or safety. She does not make false claims to gain clients. She will tell you what you need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear just so she can make money.

Overall, I have made remarkable progress training with Shazia throughout the past couple of years. I didn't just loose weight, I lost fat, gained muscle, confidence and a new take on life! I continued training with Shazia even after all this time, because she consistently motivates me and teaches me new things. Most of all I have gained a lifelong friend! Awesome work Shaz!!!

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Toronto, ON

Training with Shaz has literally changed my life.Shazia is an excellent trainer, full of energy. She always guides you to do the right thing, I followed her and I saw results!

She is amazing! If you are looking for someone friendly, professional and results oriented at the same time, go for her.
Keep up the good work shazia!

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